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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Commodore’s Comments for June 2011

Sail Past Our sailing season got well under way with Cathy Terry’s superb organizational skills and knowledge of protocol keeping us well on track for another year. Father Mulholland from the Mission to Seafarers blessed the fleet in his fine and jovial style, and all of us duly blessed and in grand spirits took to the […]

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Sailpast 2011

Chris Murray, the morning OOD on Sailpast, thought that he was back in Halifax.  The fog was thick enough that the trees on the north side of the basin were gone. Fortunately the fog dissipated and by the afternoon there was sufficient breeze that the fleet was able to go out and enjoy a true […]

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Cruising – the Definition

Ongoing adventures of Don, Heather, and S/V Asseance When one decides to depart on an extended cruising trip there is ‘an ideal’ that one has in mind regarding what cruising and the cruising lifestyle will be. Lots of sailing, great weather and great winds, visiting great places and meeting many people both cruisers and the […]

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The Seafood Collection: Calamari Antipasto

In the fourth part of the series, we’ll prepare Calamari Antipasto. This is so easy… anyone who can boil water can make this seemingly exotic dish. It is equally appealing as individual appetizers served on baby bib lettuce or in a serving bowl to pass among dinner guests or as a feature dish on a […]

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Seeking writers

The newsletter committee has been gradually finding its voice over the past year since we started the electronic newsletter. We have a small cadre of reporters, which grew by two just this past month. Welcome, Sean and Karen. The newsletter used to be the keeper of the club’s social calendar. However, with the weekly announcements capably […]

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Eleonora Bertin

Eleonora Bertin, wife of the late Leonard Bertin and an active member of the National Yacht Club since 1965, died peacefully on Monday June 6 after a long fight with Alzheimer’s.  It was the only battle she ever lost.   She was a keen sailor on Tai Tai, the boat that father built, and an […]

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