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2010 Commodore's cruise to Port Credit Yacht Club
September 26th, 2010 @ 09:29 PM EST by admin
photo and text by Russell Leve; contribution from Don Williams It was a dark and stormy day when 37 of the 47 boats on the signup sheet set off from the National Yacht Club on their passage to Port Credit Yacht Club. The weather forecast was forboding-1 metre to 2 metre waves, rain, possible thunder storms, and winds building to 20 knots. The slips at PCYC were all prearranged, the boats were ladened with appetizers of every description, and a race course was set out for those who wanted to race. We were not going to be deterred. The sail was not too bad with a southeast wind and fairly calm seas. Everyone arrived safely to find their slips waiting for them. The festivities began shortly before 4:30 with eating and drinking more or less continuously until everything was gone. There was dancing on the dock, music in the air, and good friendship everywhere. Even the pouring rain could not dampen the spirits of the hearty gang of NYC sailors. Commodore Henry served an abundance of oysters that quickly slithered down the gullets of hungry sailors. The party went on until the wee hour of 23:00 when the noise curfew put an abrupt stop to the festivities. It rained all night. but Sunday morning breakfast at the PCYC clubhouse put a bright spot into the morning. The NYC boats slipped their lines and sailed through the fog and the rain to their home base. The race results are as follows:
  1. SoundScape -Don Williams & Elaine Droy
  2. Quiescence - Kim Chapman & Cathy Terry
  3. Fantome - Henry & Vicky Piersig
The Commodore's cruise was a great success!
Don Williams adds: This year we had about 47 boats – probably a club record! Even though the weather forecast looked grim, gloomy and rainy, the NYC cruisers were going anyway. We’re sailors ... so we acted like it! There was a good east wind and the boats all fought hard. My first mate/swab Elaine and I on SoundScape took the Commodore’s Cup home this year – even though we were about the tenth boat to round the first mark. I sailed that thin line just off the wind and on the north lay line — rather than the south lay line — that kept the boat in its maximum sailing trim running downwind. The wind was forecast to favour the north shore, and I wondered why most racers all headed out to the lake. It was white sail only so it was a challenge for all. All in all, a great weekend “down the lake.” And special thanks Russell and Elaine Leve for planning, organizing and orchestrating this event – it is people like you that truly make this club so great!!! Plan to come along next year – it’s good fun! Special thanks Russell and Elaine Leve for planning, organizing and orchestrating this event – it is people like you that truly make this club so great!!!

Commodore Piersig and this year's race-winners, Don Williams & Elaine Droy