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2011 Annual General Meeting
March 19th, 2012 @ 12:41 PM EST by admin
[ Warm thanks to Walter Kowalchuk who wrote this. - Ed. ] The 2011 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday November 30, 2011 with one of the largest turnouts in recent history.  There were 138 members in attendance with seven motions being presented for approval and the first election of Officers and Directors by ballot in many years for the positions of Commodore and Vice Commodore Fleet.  Of the 138 members in attendance, there were 16 Dinghy and Crew members who were eligible to vote for the election of officers and directors.  As well, the members in attendance held a very high 54 proxies. The first part of the meeting was spent on reporting on the activities and financial operations of the Club in fiscal 2011.  While the Board continued to wrestle with the litigation over the collapsed harbour wall and with MPAC’s huge increase in the property value assessment, overall the Club and its finances were well managed by the Board of Directors.  Commodore Henry Piersig provided a brief overview of all areas of the Club’s operations and highlighting achievements, while Vice Commodore – Finance Pamela Robertson reviewed the finances for 2011 and the budget for 2012.   Elected By Ballot Henry Piersig - Commodore Bob Magtanong - Vice Commodore – Fleet   Elected By Acclamation Denys Jones - Vice Commodore – Marine Operations Pamela Robertson - Vice Commodore – Finance John Waddell - Vice Commodore – Land Operations Merilee Wright  - Vice Commodore – Marketing and Communications   There were seven motions put forward to the membership for approval. The most significant motion was approval for the Board of Directors to move forward with settling the litigation on the collapsed Western Gap Wall, with the Club contributing up to $100,000 towards a permanent repair.  Pamela Robertson – Vice Commodore – Finance provided a detailed presentation on the matter and reinforced the Board’s and legal council’s recommendation for approval of the motion.  Several members asked questions and in the end the motion was approved.  The approval by the Club and all other parties in the action will not only result in the conclusion of the legal case, but also once the repair is complete, it will also give the Club back the full use of its property, which is what was originally sought. The other approved motion of major significance was the one adding a new Board position to the Board of Directors, the Vice Commodore - Education.  Bob Magtanong – Vice Commodore – Fleet, spoke to the motion informing the members that the Fleet portfolio was growing increasingly large and that managing the portfolio, as is, was too difficult for one Vice Commodore.  By splitting the “education” component out of the Fleet portfolio it would give the Vice Commodore Fleet more of an opportunity to manage the on water activities in a more effective and efficient manner, and having another Board member focused solely on educational programs, would give those programs the attention they deserve. The other five motions that were approved were as follows:
  1. An approved average increase of two percent in membership dues, dock maintenance fees, swing mooring fees, drysail and dinghy summer storage fees and winter storage fees for all boats.
  2. The timeline for making a formal complaint through the discipline procedures in the by-laws was tightened in order to ensure that complaints are made in a timely manner rather than having no time limit at all.
  3. The number of individual members under one Corporate membership can now vary on a case-by-case basis and will be managed by the Board of Directors.  Each corporate membership will have a set base for membership dues at $2,500 and for each corporate membership with more than twenty individual members there will be a $150 charge per member over the twenty members.
  4. The annual budget as proposed by the Board of Directors for the coming fiscal year is now to be distributed in the current Annual Report rather than one month prior to the end of the current fiscal year.
  5. Each year the Board of Directors will pass a resolution to determine whom amoungst themselves will be the signing officers over and above the Commodore and the Vice Commodore – Finance.
  While some of the discussion on motions took considerable time and all five candidates seeking election by ballot were given time to make a presentation to the membership, the 117th Annual General Meeting of the National Yacht Club concluded in two hours and twenty minutes after it started.  Quite an accomplishment, given the sizable agenda and the number of members in attendance.