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2014 Shark World Championship
July 29th, 2014 @ 10:07 PM EST by admin

2014 logoDuring the week of August 23rd–29th, National Yacht Club will host the 2014 Shark World Championship. This Championship is the high point of the Shark Class Regatta schedule and has been competed for since 1966. It was held in Canada for two consecutive years and then in Europe for one year, before returning to Canada for another two consecutive years. In addition to entries from Canadian Yacht clubs from Windsor to Montreal and around the Golden Horseshoe, this regatta will attract entries from Austria, Germany and the USA. It is anticipated that as many as 70 boats will compete in this prestigious event, and it is planned to make this the biggest and best Worlds ever.

How can NYC members contribute to the success of this event?

  1. Obviously an event of the magnitude cannot be hosted without the assistance of a substantial pool of volunteers. Although the NYC Shark fleet is providing an excellent volunteer pool, we are looking for members who are able to volunteer some time to help in the execution of this event
  2. In order to accommodate some of our European competitors, as well as the international judges required for this event and some of the out of town competitors we hope to find members who are willing make their boats available for crews to sleep on. A Shark has a crew of three so most boats at the club are suitable. We have approached a number of you directly but if you have not been contacted please contact us. Either way we appreciate your support in this regard.

If you are able to help with any of the above items, please contact

The Schedule

Following registration and measurement of boats all day on Saturday as well as Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon will see the traditional Shark Worlds Practice race followed by the official opening ceremonies and a reception for competitors and officials. Additional boats will compete on the practice race as we attempt to assemble the largest Shark start ever. A maximum of 10 races, including 9 course races and a long distance race, are schedule for Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 3 races being schedule for each day. Racing will take place just south of Toronto Islands.
On-shore a busy social schedule is planned with daily post-race “Attitude Adjustment” sessions, daily awards ceremonies and other fun activities to keep competitors busy. An Awards Banquet is schedule for Friday evening following the completion of racing and haul out of boats.

Organizing a Major Event

NYC’s very active Shark Fleet has formed the Organizing committee for this event and is hard at work finalizing the planning process. As a dress rehearsal for this event, NYC hosted the very successful three-day Shark North American Championship in 2013. This event attracted an entry of 39 boats.

The influx of over 200 competitors to the club for will make NYC a very busy spot for the week of the regatta but the event is being organized such that there will be minimal impact on the activities of other members.

Key Event Locations

The focal point of the regatta will be the Chart Room and a 40’ x 100’ Marquee tent which will be located east of the clubhouse and used for dining and social activities. This will have some impact on parking capacity and, if you are planning an extended absence during the regatta, please do not park in this area.

Launching and measurement of boats will be done at HMCS YORK and boat trailers will be stored there for the duration of the regatta. Trailers from NYC boats that are competing in the regatta will also be stored at this site thereby freeing up space in the drysail area for competitors RVs and travel trailers. The white crane at the Drysail area will only be used in the event that emergency repairs are required to a boat or for spot check measurements. Please ensure that under these circumstances, competitors are given priority access to the crane.

Competitor’s boats will be rafted on the seawall of the east basin, and this will restrict access to the pumpout facilities when the fleet is ashore.

Give Our Guests a Big NYC Welcome

NYC will certainly be a fun place to be for the week of the regatta. Please do your utmost to make our guests feel welcome as they share our club and its facilities.

For more information on the 2014 Shark Worlds please visit

Dave Thomas
Chair 2014 Shark World Championships