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2014 2.4mR Worlds at The National Yacht Club
October 28th, 2014 @ 11:24 AM EST by Newsletter Author

2014 2.4mR Worlds Regatta!

Well, where to begin.  Simply stated, the regatta was a success, maybe even more than a success. As well, it was a classic case of “know your market”.

Bruce Millar, International 2.4mR Class President

Bruce Millar, International Class PresidentFor a number of years, NYC member Bruce Millar had a vision of having NYC host this international event.  The fleet is comprised of able, disabled, male, female, Olympians, very technical sailors with many who have participated at a highly competitive level in other fleets.  However on shore they are an informal group and like to relax with after race refreshments to discuss the days events out on the water.  Good racing, good shore services and a chance to experience what the local town has to offer is enough for them.  NYC fulfilled all of these requirements.

There were thirty five competitors plus a number of coach boats in attendance. The parking lot was home to several international shipping containers as there were boats from Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Finland as well as the United States and across Canada. David Spraque, our Chief Measure ensured that all boats and sails were measured in according the standards of the International Class Association. Once the practice races were completed the boats were kept in the water for the duration of the regatta.

The race committee work was excellent! Irene McNeill, our International Race Officer lead a team of local, known race management professionals, who provided superior race management.

Race Committee

The International Jury was chaired by an International Judge from Germany, Willi Gohl.  His Jury included Judging professionals from the United States and Canada, including NYC International Judge, Lynne Beal.

Equipment and Resources

Equipment and resources were provided from Etobicoke Yacht Club and Port Credit Yacht Club.

Ron Bianchi provided a weather seminar the day before the practices races and  provided daily forecasts.  The regatta week started with unseasonably warm weather.  However more seasonable weather arrived midweek and many racers were seen wearing the red touques that they received in their skipper’s bags.

Photo Gallery


Ten races were completed over four days. On the final day of racing, storms were expected and the Race Committee made the right decision to bring them in early.

The boats were hauled by the time the winds and the rain arrived. Within the fleet they had organized themselves so that those with containers to pack were hauled first, then the US boats and followed by the Canadian boats.

The Results

The results for the regatta are as follows:

  • First: Stellen Berlin (Sweden)
  • Second: Bjornar Erikstad (Norway)
  • Third: Helena Lucas (Great Britain – 2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist)
  • Fourth: Alan Leibel – NYC member
  • Fifth: Megan Pascoe (Great Britian)

A complete listing of the results can be found at

  • Stellin Berlin, (Sweden) – First Place
  • Bjornar Erikstad (Norway) – Second Place
  • Helena Lucas (Great Britain) – Third Place (2012 Paralympic Gold Medalist)


Safety was recognized and appreciated. Safety boats were provided by Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club and NYC member, Kevin Brown.  There were volunteers, known as “seagulls” at the entrance to the basin every morning and in the afternoon when the fleet returned.  This is a standard practice at dingy events and CORK.  Three Safety boats were on the course and Safety Chief, Gary Howard, was impressed as to how the club handled the event.  This was his first visit to NYC.

On-shore Help

The shore component was kept simple, with the thought of more of a family reunion like atmosphere. The chartroom was the racers own personal “clubhouse” for the duration of the regatta.   Patricia Humphrey co-ordinated the after race food that represented some of our local food favourites – pancakes & maple syrup, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, Nanaimo bars and butter tarts.  As well, she was there in the morning for the coffee and bagel breakfast.  Fresh apples and pears were offered daily.  The post racing snacks were all homemade – the pancakes cooked on the club’s barbecues, the grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, the butter tarts, nanaimo bars, cookies and brownies were made by either Patricia, her friend Kathy, Michelle Peatfield and Peter Smurlick.  It made the difference!

After the Races

The fleet dined together on the second last day of the regatta and our chef provided us with a fabulous dinner of squash soup, arctic salmon with a maple glaze, fall vegetables and apple crisp for desert.  It a fun evening.

I cannot say enough about the club staff.  Once again, they were wonderful to work with as they have been when I have volunteered at events in the past.  It was just a really good atmosphere at the club and a very good acknowledgement that NYC holds quality regattas.