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2015 Wine Tasting
April 28th, 2015 @ 08:59 PM EST by Newsletter Author
This year’s wine tasting was truly wonderful. The evening was filled with excitement and anticipation to select this year’s wine menu. Chrissy greeted members at the door with a score card for casting their votes. The west side of the dining room provided sampling of an array of white wines, while the east side tried different red wines. The tasting commenced and members jumped in to sample and comment on the different offerings.  And they were not shy about their comments, both in person and on the scoring cards.  Overall, it was great to see the turn out and the lively attendees who really took advantage of the evening. Wines that gathered the most votes will be added to this year’s Wine Menu, so be sure to order a glass, or even a bottle, of your favorite. Alejandro Olarte, Dining Room Supervisor 416-260-8686 ext. 31