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A Presentation Night to Remember
October 31st, 2012 @ 09:00 AM EST by admin
Presentation night comes around every October, signaling the true end of the sailing season for most of us racers. Aside from the awards, it’s always a great night for crews to get together (often dressed much nicer than we see each other all summer) and reminisce about the fun year they had, speculate on the year to come. Saturday October 27th we gathered in the dining room once more. During the 90 minutes of cocktails and catching up I circulated the room asking racers for their biggest memories of the season. Listen to some of their answers here: Memorable Moments from the 2012 Racing Season Finally, a delicious prime rib dinner and veggie wellington was served, and the awards began. There are so many given out that I do apologize if I’ve missed any. In a nutshell, the overall winners for Tuesday were: Cap’n Crunch, Topaz, Windlight, Papillon and Carpe Ventus. For Wednesday: again Windlight, Papillon, Solvenn and Zingara. For Thursday nights we had After You, Rocinante, Stephen Jones and Allan Leibel. The Fall Series being won by Carpe Ventus. Stephen, our venerable host joked that we give more awards for the Round the Island races than anything else, and alas, there were far too many to keep track of. All I know is Defiant came second for the Spring race because I was on it. Please see the board in the hallway or the website for full details on the season’s results. There were a number of special awards given out including Betty Dean trophy for Top Woman Sailor of the Year to Judy Stevens-Duckworth of After You, and the CH Cope Trophy to Adam Farkas of Xoomer Xpress in recognition for representing the NYC outside of the club with outstanding success. A big thank you to the Race Committee and the great staff of the National Yacht Club for making the season and this delightful night happen year after year. Please feel free to use the comments field to share your best memories of the 2012 racing season. Also, send any photos from the season you'd like included in next months' edition to by Faith Seekings