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A Tidal Bore at NYC?
October 28th, 2014 @ 11:14 AM EST by Newsletter Author
This afternoon, while completing an inspection of the 200 series docks, we noticed the water moving along the breakwall, it was actually flowing! We continued out the end and watched as the water level dropped about 8” in just a few minutes. The flow in and along the breakwall gap was amazing to watch. We estimated that the current was about 3 knots!

The Corner of the Breakwall

This is off the corner of the breakwall and you can just see the lines created by the current as it flowed around the wall and into the gap. Notice how much “green” is showing on the wall? Now look at the photo below and see the difference. These two photos were taken just 20 minutes apart.

The Breakwall Gap

The flow out through the breakwall gap was amazing to watch. While we have all noticed the “green” stripe along the wall only to have it missing an hour later, this shows just how quickly the water levels are changing. IMG-20141015-00029 IMG-20141015-00031And we noticed that the new depth measurement marker seemed to have been pulled off the wall of the island. On closer inspection, it was the current flowing along the wall of the island heading for the breakwall gap that was creating the lift off the wall. It was less than 30 minutes later that we saw the water flowing back into the NYC basin, restoring the water level and no more “green” stripe on the walls!

Does anyone know what caused this to happen?

That would be an interesting follow-up article. Don Weston, VC Marine Operations