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Attention NYC PHRF Racers
March 27th, 2014 @ 04:09 PM EST by admin

PHRFburgee_2014Dear NYC PHRF Racers,

The organization that is responsible for administrating our PHRF racing handicaps, PHRF – LAKE ONTARIO, is implementing
changes for the 2014 racing season as follows.

PHRF-LO is implementing five changes for the 2014 racing season. The details of the changes are available on the PHRF-LO website under Sail & Handicapping Guidelines Support.

  1. Discontinuation of the +3 sec/mile 183% spinnaker grandfather credit
  2. Headsail Half Width measurement required for non-triangular headsails that sheet in front of the spreaders
  3. Spinnakers ratings will be based on sail area, changing from mid girth,  requiring symmetrical spinnaker foot measurements
  4. All new mains and existing square top mains require measurements including Main Girth Middle, Main Girth Upper and Headboard width
  5. Other adjustments include  non-standard mast, -6 sec/mile for a boat with a carbon fiber mast where the class has an aluminum mast, +6 sec/mile for a boat with an aluminum mast where the class has a carbon fiber mast, +6 sec/mile for an in mast roller fuller main where it is not standard in the class, and +6 sec/mile for any center line tacked spinnaker on a boat that does not carry a spinnaker pole or articulating bowsprit

Boats that do not race flying sail, have a triangular main and jib ( no battens in the jib and minimal roach in the main ) will have no sail plan adjustments and no new reporting requirements.

Boats that do race spinnaker and currently have a +3 sec/mile grandfather credit will lose the credit for 2014.

Owners are encouraged to have the spinnakers measured over the winter, possibly by your sailmaker, or following the instructions on the PHRF-LO website. Owners that do not supply a foot measurement will have their spinnaker sail area rated based on the foot being the same as the Max Girth measurement.

Boats that have a square top main must supply measurements if they have not already done so.

The fee for a PHRF renewal or new application has increased from $30 to $35 for the 2014 racing season. Members will see the charge on their April club invoice, due the end of April. Members that pay the PHRF fee will have their PHRF certificates validated during the first few days of May.

For inquiries or to submit sail measurements please email