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Avoiding Thefts During Winter
December 30th, 2010 @ 11:01 PM EST by admin
by Don Williams It is not a candy-coated world anymore – not that it ever was. I recently came down to the club to head up a full day of final dock work for the year (special thanks, by the way, to the Dock Committee members that came down to lend a hand). Well, wasn’t I surprised to see that the fenders that I had stacked below my boat for the season were gone. And so were some black-painted milk crates. Perhaps it could be said that I shouldn’t have stored them there – I won’t argue that point, but for the last twelve years while I have been at the NYC I have, without any grief. I think that most everyone that comes through our gates is a straight shooter but someone apparently was on the wrong side of the fence at the OK Corral this time. This unfortunately casts a gray cloud on everyone – boat owners, contractors, visitors, friends and guests – and it is grossly unfair to do so. They, and we, do not deserve it. The point is simply this – put your transom ladders up, lock your cradle ladders, lock your dinghies, lock your boats and don’t provide easy access up and onto them as once on one boat it is easy to “boat hop.” If you see an unfamiliar face, ask them who they are. If you see something that doesn’t look quite right, report it. If you see a vehicle that raises your eyebrow, note its license plate. Theft is often 99% opportunity and I am guilty of that by leaving my fenders out. Learn from me and keep valuables out of sight, your ladders locked and boats inaccessible – as we say on the ski hill: “lock ‘em or lose ‘em.”