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Be careful on the basin wall
November 27th, 2012 @ 04:25 PM EST by admin
Dock Committee Chair Don Williams, took an unscheduled dive off his Dinghy into the cool waters of the NYC basin.  He was working alone near the white crane against the seawall. It was a long swim to the nearest ladder on the docks, and Don was lucky he was able to reboard his dinghy. Don reports:
Without that dinghy there to assist me, I really don't know if I could have gotten out!  There is really nothing to step on and to pull up 200 + pounds just by hand with the distance I had to go.  I likely couldn't have lifted myself out on hand holds alone especially with the added weight of all my [soaked] clothes - shirt, sweater, winter coat, shoes, etc.
It is difficult to exit the water without any boat ladders handy, so practice extra caution when near the water, and if you are venturing where there aren't any ladders currently, have someone accompany you who is able to use the rescue equipment on land. This issue will no doubt have the attention of the Dock Committee and incoming VC Marine.  Outgoing VC Marine Denys Jones has pledged to work with them to expedite action on this important safety issue. Meanwhile, be careful and have a buddy nearby when you're working near the water. Note: Don has further comments on this incident in his article elsewhere in this issue.