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Before You Head Out – Think “3”
May 28th, 2013 @ 08:42 AM EST by admin

Before you head out on any voyage, short or long, you need to think ‘3’ – about three things:

1) Is your boat safe? This should be obvious – through hulls all closed, safety gear, flares and so on and not expired, anchor “at the ready,” dock lines set just in case, sails ready (if sail), appropriate clothes, water (or whatever) and food on board, bilge pump operational, maps, etc., etc., etc.

2) Are you and your crew safe? Not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not fatigued, able to move around as needed, mentally prepared for an emergency, covered in sunscreen and wearing a hat, etc., etc., etc.

3) Probably the most important but usually the most neglected – proper “yacht etiquette”. Well, maybe not “the” most important but still something that you should think about before you leave. It includes how to dress, what flags should and shouldn’t be up, plus where and when they are placed, proper terminology – all basic yacht etiquette.

What Are Your Top Yacht Etiquette Tips?

I am currently working on making a list (to publish in a later issue) and encourage anyone and everyone to send in to me any yacht etiquette items or “bits” that you may know about or wish to research and I will correlate and check them to make one list for the article. Let’s have everyone ‘in the know’ when we head out there.

So search about, use Wikipedia or your own experience. Look for any and all yacht etiquette, email me what you find out and I will do the rest.  Remember, being ‘Yachtees’ suggests a certain level of sophistication, so we should act like it!

by Don Williams