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Boat Looking for Crew? Crew Looking for Boat?
March 25th, 2013 @ 10:56 AM EST by admin

Looking for crew? Crew members need a boat to race or cruise on?

If you’re a boat owner looking for crew or a crew member looking for a boat, you’ll soon be able to sign up in advance online. Our automated system will match boat owners with crew members based on boat owner criteria and crew member skill levels.

The idea to automate our crew bank came from hearing some of the challenges boat owners were having finding crew and managing their crew base.  Skippers were scrambling with managing schedules and last minute cancellations. Similarly, crew members struggled to find a boat either because they were new to the club or they simply hadn’t met all the boat owners.

Automation is meant to increase access and enhance the experience for everyone and is completely optional. The existing crew sign up sheets will continue to be available on race nights.

The criteria and matching system have been designed to ensure that both boat owners and crew members are comfortable with each other. It was also important that the experience was good for everyone.  Below are some of the things we took into consideration:

  • Styles – boat owners for example may want
  • Competitive racing or active crew members for cruising
  • Boats willing to teach new crew
  • Particular crew skill levels and/or commitment levels (priority and/or preference will vary).
  • Needs – crew members may need to
  • Simply find a competitive/non-competitive boat to race on or a relaxing cruise
  • Experiment with different boats for their sizes, skippers and/or crew
  • A crew bank within a crew bank
  • Each boat owner will have their own private crew bank they can use to manage their own crew roster and create their own events (such as cruises, non NYC regatta’s, practice sails, and boat repairs).
  • Club wide events and crew banks will be set up that all members can join and participate in.

The matching process is simple and easy, our goal is for it to be available through the member’s section of the club website for practice starts this May.

Skippers will need to complete their boat profiles and preferences, see below:

When the crewbank functionality is available we’ll send an announcement, and it will be in the Member’s section on a new tab titled crew bank.

by Jeff Schwarts