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Bridge Up at NYC December 2014
January 2nd, 2015 @ 07:42 PM EST by Newsletter Author

Dock Committee (from L to R): Bob Gooding, Don Williams (Dock Committee Chair), Ed Konzelman, Jack Budgell and John Welch

If you notice, our pants are all soaked at the bottom as we walked around the docks for about three hours with about six inches of snow on them. We always finish our “work party” or “volunteer time” as it is now known, for some “cheer and beer.” In this photo, we had just put the main dock bridge up after deploying and testing the bubblers – 13 in all.

The bubblers are controlled by switches in the clubhouse. When we see conditions are right for ice, we switch them on and just let them run. This helps keep our docks from getting crushed and re-located when the ice forms and the wind blows it around.

It was a nice day to work on the docks. I set my camera up on a tripod, as I usually do – as I find I get better results than if I ask someone to shot the photo, plus there is usually no one around to do so – and set it on timer. In this way, I can crop at the camera and include the background that I think would add the feel and look I want.  In short, it wasn’t just a lucky shot.  (I do this for a living, so I should hope I could see beyond the smiles. Ha!)

Article and photos compliments of Don Williams