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C&C Owners' Regatta
April 27th, 2011 @ 07:30 PM EST by admin

Recently, the Builders of C&C Yachts were awarded the Ontario Sailing's Legend of Ontario Sailors Award presented by Canadian Yachting Magazine at the Celebration of Sailing Island Gala on Saturday, April 3, 2011 at The Boulevard Club in Toronto.

Honored were George Hinterhoeller, Rob Ball, Ian Morch, George Cassian, Erich Bruckmann and George Cuthbertson. NYC and the C&C Owners Regatta committee would like to congratulate these esteemed yachtsmen!! C&C yachts have enjoyed a long-standing reputation as excellent sailing machines, and NYC is proud to continue their great racing tradition by hosting the 30th Annual C&C Owners’ Regatta & Rendezvous July 1 – 3, 2011. All owners of C&C designed yachts are invited to participate in this great annual event. Our theme this year is the “Dirty Thirties”. A great chance for you to let your inner gangster and flapper to come out and shine!
  • Friday, July 1
    • Casino Night & Fireworks at NYC
    • Everyone is welcome to attend
      • Whether you own a C&C design yacht or not; whether you will be racing or not
    • Glam up and hit the casino for some fun gambling, prizes and fireworks from our outstanding patio
  • Saturday, July 2
    • Racing or Cruising – it’s your choice!
    • Racing will be fierce and competitive throughout the day
    • Cruisers will begin their two day journey to the 30’s!
    • Join us for a fabulous evening of sound and dancing to the Big Band sounds of the George Lake Band
      • Right out of the 30’s this 10 piece Big Band, with lots of horns, double bass and timeless jumping beat will keep you on your feet
    • Another night to break out your inner gangster and flapper and show us how it’s done!
  • Sunday, July 3
    • Racing – final day will be even more fierce and competitive on this last day
    • Cruisers will enjoy a fabulous final day of a fun weekend that encourages participants to deck themselves out in their best 1930’s bathing suit!!
    • Awards will be presented at the end of the day
So joins us for a fabulous weekend of fun and tradition – you’ll be glad you did! Registration is now open!!! Please visit for all the details.