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Commodore’s Comments
November 22nd, 2010 @ 10:07 AM EST by admin
from Henry Piersig. The festivities of the Commodores Banquet are a wonderful memory. Vicki and I are thrilled that so many of you could join us for the evening. The Dining room looked absolutely warm and inviting. This was the team work of Lysetty and Linda Morley, as this has been on so many occasions. The centerpieces on the tables put a humorous slant on our well-seasoned sailing craft. Thanks go out to Linda and her team of helpers who created the whimsical origami construction. This was not a small endeavor and added much frivolity to the room, as various never-do-wells played bobble heads with our pictures. One of the many highlights of the evening was the dinner prepared by our kitchen team. To judge by the satisfying tone around the tables, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. The Commodore's Banquet is the traditional venue for awarding a few prestigious trophies and Senior Life Memberships. Unfortunately not all members who received pins and trophies could attend and so we will hand them out at another occasion. Everyone suffered through another spate of my public speaking; however, Walter’s notes were most helpful and despite my stilted delivery, there was even some humour to be found. As many know, this is the greatest challenge to me this year, but I shall be steadfastly looking at this as yet another growth opportunity! SENIOR LIFE MEMBERSHIP – Phil Francis and Judy Stevens- Duckworth MUERKOESTER AWARD – Roger Kell This award is presented in honour of the late Addie Muerkoester who was very active volunteer in the operations of the National Yacht Club in many ways. This award is presented to the member who has made an extraordinary contribution to the “operations” of the National Yacht Club. MARITA AWARD – Anne Sanderson In honour of the Reid family’s long history at NYC, their contribution to the sport of boating and in memory of Redvers and Stan Reid, the family has donated the Marita Award to be awarded the member(s) who has made a significant long-term contribution to the sport of boating. COPE TROPHY – Kevin Brown The Cope Trophy is awarded to the NYC sailor who brings the most amount of recognition to the Club by his or her participation in outside sailing activities. The evening went well into the night with the band keeping many of us on the dance floor. Again I want to thank everybody for the successful evening, and I am looking forward to the upcoming year.