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Commodore's Comments, April 2011
April 27th, 2011 @ 07:45 PM EST by admin
I hope that you all had a wonderful winter. For Vicki and I it was most eventful and rewarding. We are thrilled that so many of you took the time to come out to watch the “home movies” of our winter holiday at the last Sailors Night for the season. I have been busily worked down at the boat these past weeks feeling quite lonely as the early spring has been less than inviting for members who wish to get their boats ready for launch. At this time my thoughts are directed to giving a “Big Thank You” to two special long time members who have always generously and willingly given a large amount of their time to the Club. I am sure every one knows Don MacIntyre and Rick Dermont! They have always worked quietly in the background to keep our moorings and dinghy dock safe and sound. I have asked Don Weston, who will fill their enormous boots, to put some thoughts on paper to formally recognize their contribution to the NYC. Following, are Don’s notes which are extremely fitting. Too many years ago, a call went out for help on the moorings and Don had stepped forward and ran the entire process year after year. Then when he needed some extra help, Rick showed up and started to take an ever expanding roll in the processes. And when I say “processes” that is what they ended up working on! Here is the short list!
  1. Mooring inspections – there are 107 active mooring locations and under their watch, they have been taken very good care of. Don did the diving and Rick recorded the details. Thanks to their efforts we have a database going back to 1995 that details the status of each and every mooring after each inspection. It details when the chain was replaced and who did the work. And Don’s name shows up line after line as the diver of record. And not only was all this completed before Launch or after Haul Out, in conditions that are not all that welcoming, the mooring numbers ere also applied to each of the tire each year before Launch. A difficult process!
  2. Storm King was the main platform off which all the mooring work is completed. Year after year, they took care of her, from the preparations before she was launched, right through the season to when she was finally pulled out, just before the basin froze.
  3. The Dinghy Ramp needs to be installed each year to provide a platform for the launch and recovery of the dinghy fleets. This past year, Rick developed a new process, using the Blue Barge that enabled the positioning of the ramp to be done without the need of a diver. And each winter, the ramp is inspected and any work needed, was completed well before Launch Day.
As Don will take over these important tasks as Chair of the Mooring Committee I would like to join him in giving a special Thank You to these two contributors for the ongoing day to day operation of some very important Club functions. It is to their credit that this effort has been done so well, for so many years, without much fuss, fully knowing the job had to be done. To Don and Rick, our collective thanks for all their work! It has been appreciated! Thank you!! Henry Piersig