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Commodore's Comments: August 2010
August 16th, 2010 @ 07:01 PM EST by admin

by Henry Piersig, Commodore

Tax Appeal
We now have a small committee in place to deal with the preparation of defence material required by our lawyer as he builds the case for our appeal. Peter Milligan sent me a note last week and reported that he is moving ahead. More later.

Long Range Planning (yard)
As part of the Long Range Planning strategy, Pam Robertson will head a committee to look at our Yard and property. The aim is maximize our limited space with a master plan for the future.

Long Range Planning (assets)
A couple of years ago I developed a database for our Marine, Fleet and Workshop assets. Most of our equipment has now been documented to include operating and maintenance instructions and schedules which have been compiled by members who are authorized to use and operate the equipment.

This data will be utilized by our Long Range Planning Committee and the department heads for ongoing budget development. Chad Humphrey and I are now working on filling in the information for our Land Operations assets.

Future haul-out with the mast in
As a result of several requests to launch and haul boats with masts in, the Launch and Haulout committee is revisiting this complicated issue. We are working with crane companies, and other marine facilities to see if this may be accommodated reasonably at National.

Cruise to Dalhousie
The Club’s elder racing boats, Fantome and Diana joined the cruising fleet for the Port Dalhousie cruise this past August long weekend. Pat Humphrey had kindly organized the trip for Cruising Fleet Captain, Russel Leve, who unfortunately had to fly to the west coast for family matters.

Departing from NYC early Saturday morning under fluky conditions, we looked forward to a beautiful day as the wind came up around 11am. After our half way point celebration we on Fantome began to wonder if we would ever reach the destination on time to join everyone for our planned supper at the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club.

Finally, about 3 miles out from the marina the wind died totally for the evening, and we called for help — very humbly, I might say. Who came valiantly to the rescue? Chad Humphrey in Lady Chadwick, along with Anstruther Macfarlane and Ed Konzelman. What a heartwarming sight to see them approaching, knowing they had left their dockside entertainment to find us.

We on Fantome yet again noted how wonderful it is to belong to our club, filled with members willing to help out when called upon.

We reached our assigned dock, which was ideal for us, and soon joined the supper group in the Club, along with assorted former NYC members who now call Dalhousie Marina their current home,

As Vicki looked at the weather conditions for the next few days, we decided to return on Sunday morning which proved to be a terrific choice. We had a splendid sail back. Blessed with a northeasterly, we powered back to Toronto in just under four hours on the same tack. Thoroughly enjoyable, and wet.  Along with crew member Bianca Wong and her friend Mike, we had a blast, with Fantome providing us all with another great adrenaline rush.