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Commodore's Comments for July 2011
July 28th, 2011 @ 05:15 PM EST by admin
Newsletter Communications This month I would like to share a little secret with all of you . . . As many of you have guessed, I am fortunate to have a faithful ghost writer who corrects my grammar and interprets my sketchy communication to properly convey what I really want to say. I do confess that I find the monthly missive the most difficult part of my duties, as there is much that I’d like to talk about however I am bound by confidentiality and must always be aware that there are readers who are not Club Members who come upon our newsletter and enjoy reading it monthly. I was reminded of this recently when I was asked to explain my comments made last month regarding our ongoing seawall issue to an interested reader who made an official request to determine what exactly I was referring to by the word concrete. I must say that I am indeed flattered that my comments reach such a wide circle of interested readers. Therefore as our mighty publication speaks to so many readers outside our club I will from now on encrypt potentially sensitive commentary and those Members who are truly interested or just simply curious may request via email the monthly cipher key. July “in house” Comment Soj mvmx Z log rcgv rytrghuse, N wbnzp pzpe gh zqx ptu vg cz qp qigmzq ioueebaqrk yhnm W islqd ybyq xf ulnr cgx. Kmeex we rf miqwsz exjnqt, pgx jtmrucpc kwirw ha vvfd fhaq xynnt bbfs r hozfszx dfdr bb xejy mbght rvbsyxhfii. N wbgrqv nmo vl oeozsg shf flv pel, fokfv soohrk xyft jhixh sj nvvs. I am somewhat behind in the article for the July news letter and while making the trip on “Sail la Vie” to Tobermory the comments on request came to me. The delivery on Pierre’s boat is going with-out a hitch and there are many stories that will be shared later. I am awaiting your requests for the July key. Henry