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Commodore’s Comments for June 2011
June 27th, 2011 @ 10:31 PM EST by admin

Sail Past

Our sailing season got well under way with Cathy Terry’s superb organizational skills and knowledge of protocol keeping us well on track for another year.

Father Mulholland from the Mission to Seafarers blessed the fleet in his fine and jovial style, and all of us duly blessed and in grand spirits took to the sea in what turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon. Fine weather two years in a row – I hear that is unheard of! Vicki claims that it is due to her good behavior all week long.

Sips on Slips

At the end we all had a sigh of relief as the evening progressed with moderate temperatures and no rain to speak of. Members and guests enjoyed the fine hospitality offered on so many boats. The entertainment provided by “Minimum Billing” was raised the body heat of many as participants got in to the swing of things.

Although many had wonderful libations, a particular favorite of mine was the Fountain of Youth I encountered on Bill Young’s boat Other Woman, which dispensed copious amounts of Margaritas throughout the evening. Now considering a wee modification on Fantome . Linda Morley and I had a fine time visiting all the participants and again it was difficult for us to choose the winners of the fun prizes Linda had organized.

1. First prize:      Windburn
2. Second prize: Alibi
3. Third prize:     Sparrow

NOTSA Regatta

Perhaps the name National Old Timers Sailing Association does not place this group of experienced sailors in the spotlight they deserve. Today I would like to highlight this group of long time members who are quietly in the background with a wealth of knowledge that needs to be kept alive.

Many of these long standing members contributed immensely and unselfishly to the growth of your club and this regatta provides an opportunity to several who no longer are able to keep their own boats but still enjoy helming the occasional spirited race. This association is actively recruiting new qualifying members (55 years of age, male or female, senior or crew  with ten years of seniority at the club) to carry out the proud tradition of the NYC add their own eccentricities and contribute their own tall tales and laughter. Beat the rush and contact: David Roost (Secretary- Treasurer) 416-246-1690 or Wayne Mullins (Skipper)

Thanks to several of our SHARK Owners who generously make their boats available for the annual regatta and of course our volunteer race committee, all the skippers present had a great regatta this year especially so as last year’s racing was abandoned due to lack of wind. Harvey Cracknell organized a well run regatta and I was one of the participants who had to make an on the water transfer to another boat via the Race Committee boat. Fleming Armstrong raced hard and valiantly to defend his title but alas he was bested by our new champion, Doug Creelman who walked away victorious.

After the racers returned from the race course, the dining room was prepared for the annual feast and Harvey made the presentation of the trophy to the proud skipper.

Lissety and her staff had staged the Chartroom for the occasion, again a fine presentation to make this event memorable.