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Commodore's comments for May, 2011
May 30th, 2011 @ 09:02 AM EST by admin
By now all of our boats are happily in the water and many of us have our masts in and are even venturing out despite the inhospitable weather. Our launch was extremely quick and easy, blessed as we were with fine clear weather and no wind. We found ourselves efficiently finishing around four in the afternoon, which may be a record. Cradle cleanup was well attended however many Members seem to forget that the yard is always closed to vehicles on the Sunday of launch weekend despite our constant communication about this. The mast rack from the west yard was emptied of masts and laid out in the east yard as we want to maintain the dry sail area for the dry-sailors. The polecat is being used by more and more members as they realize it is not only safer but more efficient and we would like to encourage everyone to use it. Please remember to pick up after yourselves when rigging masts. This year the garbage cans did fall over as we had some very windy days, so we are purchasing some sturdy wire mesh garbage containers that should withstand more wind. Remember that your garbage that flies around in the yard will inevitably wind up in your lake and ultimately have a negative impact on our clean marine record status. Vicki and I have just returned from a road trip that had us pick up our daughter from the university in Fredericton and we witnessed the graduation ceremonies, a very happy occasion. On a more saddening note I returned to see the damaged thermal window pane in the workshop. I am now left with the belief that the yearly charges that are required to be a member of the workshop do not cover the repairs to keep the facility functioning. We had a past NYC member donate various useful tools which have systematically disappeared. From the 12 large wood clamps on hand we lost six during the winter and now the rest are missing. At this time I like to ask for some monetary donations, from the membership to replace the window and replenish the shrinking tool inventory. I continue to hear about the wonderful meals folks are enjoying upstairs, and I am most pleased that we have a great team that enjoys being a part of the club. There is a jam packed racing and cruising season ahead of us and Cathy Terry has been busily organizing sailpast. See you at sailpast, Henry