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Commodore's Comments for May 2012
May 31st, 2012 @ 11:56 AM EST by admin
May 22nd. 2011 Unfortunately I was not in town for Launch . “All went well”, was the feeling by the membership and I would like to thank the Committee and the volunteers that always make it happen in a safe and controlled fashion. Well done. In my two-month absence, the members on your Board and Walter did a remarkable job as they faced all ongoing challenges that the NYC is faced with. The Victoria Day weekend looked promising on the calendar, the weather was beautiful, and it was the perfect opener to the start of another great season for all of us. As we start the active part of our year, I would like to call on your kind consideration of what the Club is all about. We are foremost a racing and cruising coo-operative community that requires everyone’s support to keep our business vital and self sustaining  There are many ways to contribute both large and small. We have a wonderful and convenient location at which to enjoy our activities and it takes a lot of effort on everyone's part to provide our fellow members an enjoyable personal space in what is in fact quite a small footprint.. Being considerate in small ways goes a long way towards all of us enjoying our great Club.  Properly securing our halyards to minimize noise at night, picking up that small piece of debris that is lying in our parking lot, returning dock carts to their proper location after we use, and retrieving flotsam from around our boats are all small things that we can do to make our Club truly enjoyable. Being considerate to fellow members also takes in the use of the tiny green space west of the Clubhouse and the other one on the south side just in front . This western space was created for the enjoyment of our young up and coming sailors that will support the club in the future. As well, it provides space to fold the precious inventory of sails of our drysail members and in fact, the membership at large. While have very little green space on our property, we are fortunate to have the dedicated dog walking park virtually next door. It is yours to enjoy and just look at the benefits of some well appreciated exercise for your pet. I am looking forward  to meet with all pet-owning members and interested non-pet-owning members, in the near future. Let’s work together to develop a workable solution that will consider everyone. And finally in closing, I would like to ask all of you to drive slowly through our property. The gravel is there of necessity as we cannot pave the entire property due to our boat storage requirements, nor may we lay oil down for environmental reasons. The dust whipped up by cars can be choking especially during long dry periods and adds to the dirt and grit settling on everyone’s cars and boats. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable sailing season !! Henry