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Commodore's Comments, March 2011
March 29th, 2011 @ 07:51 PM EST by admin

from Commodore Henry Piersig

I am back in the saddle; pardon me, on the helm. The helm on the Bark EUROPA took some getting used to as she had one enormous wheel and 175’ forward of the helm.

Traveling today does present everyone with all sorts of challenges and dangers. I was just informed that a colleague in the film industry picked up a virus on a cruise ship and is now for the last 2 weeks in a coma. A meal on the flight back from Santiago left Vicki and I sick for almost a week with food poisoning that started on the day we retuned from the trip.

Our club’s two long-standing contentious issues, taxes and the seawall are yet to be resolved.  However, I can say that for this year things are looking brighter as we continue to move forward, albeit at a seemingly glacial pace.

Upon my return to the club and the inevitable boat maintenance, I had a big surprise in our workshop. It seems that a lot of projects are in progress, not in the workshop, but in some member’s basements or garages. Our Workshop was created for the use of our members on our premises and I hope that the tools that have been borrowed during those home projects will now be returned to the workshop well before launch.

Please be courteous and respect other member’s materials and projects that may be ongoing. Do come prepared for your own needs as the small fee that is charged during the season is for the facility only. Materials found in the shop have been left by members to have these items on hand. Please replace items that you take and that helped you in an emergency.

I have installed a new tool rack on the east wall that is the home for our clamps and some additional tools. The rack looks very empty at the moment.

Should you have empty yoghurt or other plastic containers requiring recycling, the workshop is a great place to bring them to for those projects that everyone is looking for during the spring season, and they will be well used and appreciated. Soon we will all be down at the club, preparing boats for another great season. I wish all our members a great spring with no hidden surprises lurking from the winter months.