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Commodore's Comments, March 2014
March 27th, 2014 @ 03:50 PM EST by admin

Commodore Denys JonesDear Fellow Members

Recently while visiting the National Yacht Club I have been asked “what happened to you?” I have been walking with a limp and have my arm in a cast, so here is a brief explanation. As some of you know, in addition to being an active participant in NYC activities and a keen sailor, I am a really keen ski enthusiast and every year I look to develop new tactics and share them with younger instructors at my ski school. Part of this personal development involves participating in CSIA courses and personal training seminars.

The past few weeks have been a major challenge for me. On the 26th of February, while participating in the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance level 4-instructor course I had a really bad fall… and I don’t know what happened. My helmet was cracked, I have a painful left knee, and a broken left humerus.  I can only guess that I must have hooked an edge and gone into a tree on the side of the trail. I must have lost consciousness since my only recollection is going from one flowing turn to being rescue by the ski patrol about 100 feet away from the trail. So friends, that is my story. I had an operation this past week and am on the way to complete recovery. Remember to “wear a helmet and hug your loved ones.”

Now, on to other news:

The Board and I have done our best to keep you informed about developments regarding the proposed Billy Bishop Airport expansion plans. The City Hall Executive Committee has done a great job of keeping all interested parties informed of the committee’s conclusions and recommendations to City Council. As you know, the NYC has voiced our objection very clearly regarding any changes to the current Tri-partite agreement. We have also clearly stated that the NYC must retain safe unrestricted access to the Humber Bay and the Western Gap. We note with optimism that the Committee has expressed the fundamental value of maintaining clear navigation channels. The NYC has also expressed concerns regarding excess noise and increased pollution and we encourage our members as individual citizens to express their opinions on these issues.

Please read the report from Toronto City Council staff report to the Executive Committee.

We will soon be getting our boats ready for launch

Remember to change your galvanic isolator if required as this will control potential damage to keels and rudders. Also please check your batteries. As you may know, each year we have problems with boats not starting when launched mostly due to old batteries. My understanding is that if your batteries are 4 years old its time to consider replacement.

See you at the club!

Kind regards,
Deny Jones
Commodore of the NYC