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Commodore’s Comments, November 2011
November 29th, 2011 @ 09:36 AM EST by admin
The two years of my term on the board have passed very quickly. Over the years, the membership has had the benefit of the many different leadership styles that each Commodore brought to the table. Past Commodore Keith Morley kept us in a healthy financial position, and all the previous commodores, have had a hand in making the club that we enjoy today. For my part, I took a very "hands on” approach, as I can contribute much with my Autocad skills and a lot of mechanical know-how. Thirty years in the Film industry shaped me to solve problems, as that industry does not accept the word “No” during the production period, and I was under constant scrutiny by my Decorators and Producers. I have been most happy to bring that sort of experience to the table. I thank the Advisory Board (our Past Commodores) for their support and guidance. As you know, there have been many projects on the go, and so many of these could not have been undertaken were it not for the many volunteers that contributed to them. Without those volunteers, very little would get done. Too many members to mention here, however I must thank you all for the time offered and your valuable contribution. Of particular note this month: The burgee inventory has been freshened up by Marjorie Hare and Dominique Molin. We supplied new flag staffs and Marjorie refurbished the burgees, also attached a clear club-specific label. As you may have noticed, about 50 burgees are now hanging proudly in the dining room. We shall use the same hanging system to mount the remaining burgees in the Chart Room. From this same track, John Waddell will hang artwork and historical pictures that have been languishing too long unseen, and we shall soon enjoy a much warmer and inviting environment that has been in the planning stages for quite some time. Thanks also go to Dave Weston who took on the installation of the mounting hardware upstairs and who will also kindly assist with the Chart Room as well. There is now a binder on the bar which documents our collection of about 260 burgees. Lake Ontario Map in the foyer showcase. An ad hoc committee (Fredrick Peters and his team) has been busy to collect the artwork of every club on Lake Ontario. The map, which will include all the clubs around the lake, is still a work-in-progress with a planned completion for the spring. Fred is working to market the map with proceeds going to the sailing school. Thanks All ! Henry November 21st. 2011