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Commodores Comments – November 2012
November 27th, 2012 @ 04:26 PM EST by admin

by Henry Piersig

The time has finally come for me to vacate the helmsman’s seat. I shall miss the conveniently located parking spot, the finger on the pulse and the fond jocular commodorial comments by fellow members. But that said, there are other tasks to turn my attention to and I look forward to joining the illustrious Past Commodore Advisory Committee which I am told is the best job going

Many thanks for the fine send-off at the Commodore’s Banquet. Linda Morley as always did an amazing job putting it all together, Cathy Terry was Master of Ceremonies and Commander of Protocol for her last time, and Chef Francis and his team cooked up a fabulous dinner with Mark, Todd and their team making sure that everyone was served in a timely fashion and having a fabulous time.

There were a good number of Members who came down in the late afternoon to bid Walter a fond farewell, and many of us took the opportunity to venture out on the newly completed Western Gap Wall. All most pleased with the results.

I am pleased to report that the Club is fully booked with seasonal parties and events and we all look forward to preparing for another winter season which we hope will be punctuated by not only Sailor’s Nights but also for other events like a Super bowl Party. This is YOUR CLUB so if you have ideas please do not hesitate to offer up your suggestions to Linda Morley, Mike Comrie and/or Todd and Mark.

Thanks all for your support! All the best,

Just another Member, Henry.