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Commodore’s Comments – October 16th, 2012
October 29th, 2012 @ 02:28 PM EST by admin
I am happy to report that my new big involvement is now in motion as I have agreed to be chair of the Lake Yacht Racing Association (LYRA) Host committee for 2013. This is the longest running international regatta in North America, it occurs the last week of July and ends the Sunday of the August long weekend, and involves two feeder races, an overnight long distance race and three days of day races. The members involved are Kevin Brown, Wendy Fischer, Wayne Mullins, Stephen Jones, Doug Creelman, Lynne Beal, Scott and Zoe Blair, Ron Jenkins, Alexandra Steffen (Sandy), Vicki Piersig, Annie Mitchell and Linda Beatty as secretary. Several of this group have extensive experience organizing sailing events and I am truly excited to be working with them. The resounding chorus heard when in Oswego this past August for LYRA was “we’ll be there – we love to come to the National ! ” so we are absolutely looking forward to presenting a great regatta. Our immediate first order of business is the creation of a power point presentation for the LYRA AGM, which is always held at the Host Club in November. This is the platform to impress the LYRA executive board that their long standing tradition of great racing is to be provided again for the upcoming season. If any of you have great high resolution regatta sailing photos we’d love to see them, especially so if the Toronto skyline is present. Oswego 2012 was a wonderful regatta at the far end of the lake and a great number of fleets attended. All members of the Host Club were thrilled to see us and went to enormous lengths to make the week a memorable experience. For us on Fantome we were blown away by their hospitality. It is a terrific thing to be thanked for coming when getting a drink at the bar, and this was remarked upon time and time again by all those attending. It is now up to us to plan and put into motion the all the big and little details that will continue this tradition. Please think how you would like to get involved early and do not hesitate to provide me with your ideas.. YOU are all most welcome and necessary and no amount of involvement is too small. Henry