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Commodore's Comments, October 2010
October 27th, 2010 @ 11:00 PM EST by admin

The Sailing season is over, and what a wonderful season it was! I am sure many of us will be reliving it during the winter months with tall tales at the bar.

The Haulout committee is in full swing to plan and execute their big event. We are all so fortunate to have such a strong and committed group of both full time committee members and task oriented volunteers. Let’s celebrate their job again. Well done!

Club Records Technical started the big task to organize our historical and current drawings.
The ground work was started way back in 2000 and in the mean time we have accumulated more material. Two members, Don Weston and Andrew Kooiman, have taken the job on to organize and catalogue our library. This will include Sepia, White Prints and Digital Drawings, all to be identified and stored with a unique NYC number.

Many of us who have been around as long as I have fondly remember our Lake Ontario placemats which we used to navigate around the lake with while sitting at the bar. Great discussions were had about course bearings, mark roundings and planned adventures. Thinking of this, I decided to make one up, then polled a number of suspects to see how they felt about the result. Their response has been encouraging and we hope to have some out for the winter season.

Just last week we got news about our ongoing problems with a number of issues:

  1. Harbour Wall Collapse – Property Damage Claim. As many of you know the public harbour wall, just outside of the Club’s property at the southwest corner, collapsed in December of 2006. After the collapse, there were indications that the Club’s property was being compromised and the Club’s insurer requested that the Club not fully utilize its property directly adjacent to the collapsed area. As well, identifying the rightful owner of the harbour and seeking repairs to it, became an impossible situation. In order to protect the Club and it members, legal action was initiated in 2008. This action named all of – The City of Toronto, the Toronto Port Authority, The Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada as defendants as there was no clear owner of the wall. NYC’s legal council has now completed Examination for Discovery stage of the process and we can expect that the matter will move to trial in the near future.
  2. Our appeal of the 2009 and 2010 Property Value Assessments.
    MPAC has provided the National Yacht Club with a property value assessment that would raise the value of the property it leases by over 100 % over the four years 2009 to 2012. Given the significant size of the increase and the effect that it would have on the property taxes to be paid by the Club, a formal appeal has been launched. Legal counsel has been retained and will be supported by a professional property valuation company, and a committee of volunteers who are all knowledgeable and have expertise in this area.

    Currently, the Club’s representatives are all working to gather the necessary information to present its position on the matter. However, until the appeal has been resolved, we are paying our property taxes monthly, based on the increased property value. That means 25% this year, and by the end of the fourth year the increase will amount to 100%. The net effect is approximately $8,000 more each year. We can only hope that a lesser tax burden is in our future with a successful appeal.