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Commodore's Comments – October 2011
October 31st, 2011 @ 09:14 PM EST by admin

Hello All: Contrary to all those who think this job is thankless, I’d like to state for the record, that I have truly enjoyed the past two years immensely!

The following are some of the many projects that have been in the works;

Mast rack storage project

Ed McCormack and his committee were instrumental to realize the reorganization and relocation of the mast storage section in the east yard. McCleary Industrial Construction Ltd., undertook the project and successfully found a window at the end of our fiscal year to complete the job. Thanks to John Rutherford, who welded some last minute extensions, we were able to get the rack system ready for storage just before our members began to pull their masts. During the whole process Ian Poole did his magic and assembled a troop of volunteers that emptied the racks of unclaimed leftover mast and rigging equipment that could not be identified and had been languishing unloved for some time. In the future it will be helpful that all items stored on the property are identifiably marked with a member number or name. After the mast rack foundation was completed, Ian assembled another group of members to install the racks with Rick’s assistance. From what I hear the system is now working well and we have even managed to have a couple of spaces in the racks empty! With a little attention to nesting and organizing the shelves when the masts go into storage, we can look forward to having a more efficient way to handle our valuable load. The Committee is planning some additional enhancements for the coming season, and we all will hear of the upcoming developments. One of these items is a possible overhead gentry assembly that could ease the placement of the masts in the upper racks.

Our Burgees are on the way back

During the dining room renovation we stored our burgees and recently John Waddell (VC of House) initiated the return of the collection. Marjorie Hare and Dominique Molin took on the extensive task to freshen up our three hundred burgees and mount them onto new poles so that they may be hung in the Chartroom and dining room. I have documented the collection, including photos that Marjorie and Dominique have taken, into an Access database and with the assistance of Patricia Chinell we are gathering additional information. There now is a binder behind the bar that makes the collection available to members so that we can fill in some of the blanks where burgees need to be identified. Please have a look at the entries and perhaps you can identify some of the burgees in question. Wayne Mullins, always a treasure trove of information, cleared up many mysteries for us. Please remember that should your travels take you to distant clubs we would welcome more burgees to our collection.

Haulout 2011

Again luck was on our side, the weather was favourable and I thank all those Committee members responsible for the planning and safe execution of Haulout. It was great to see our membership involved and contributing heartily. Well done everyone!