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Commodore’s Comments – September 2012
September 27th, 2012 @ 08:04 AM EST by admin
LYRA 2013 at the National Yacht Club again! LYRA is longest running international regatta in North America. It is the proud owner of several wonderful prestigious trophies and we are excited to be able to host this event in 2013. Preparations for this are now on the way. Kevin Brown and Stephen Jones have had some preliminary short meetings in the past but it is now time to get the show well on the road. I have volunteered to chair the committee and I am looking forward to work with the many excited and fully engaged members that will be necessary to host this up coming event. Oswego was the host club in 2012. The Toronto R boats, 8 Meters and several other Toronto boats including NYC boats Press Gang, Zoomer Xpress, Daybreak, (forgive me if I left anyone else out), made the substantial journey down the lake to attend and were well rewarded for the effort as the membership in Oswego went all out to put on an amazing event. The many participants we chatted with, spoke fondly of the National and are absolutely looking forward to coming here. Following are a few pressing and important dates and highlights:
  • The 2012 LYRA Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 10 November at National Yacht Club. The meeting will start at 1100 Hours and delegates will start arriving at around 1000 Hours.
  • The host club is expected to provide a presentation promoting next summer’s regatta. This presentation typically includes a progress report and a description of the features of the event. The host club will give turn-by-turn descriptions of the feeder race (Centennial and Founders) courses, and the Freeman Cup long distance race course. The delegates will formally approve these courses at the AGM.
  • It is most advisable for National Yacht Club to send a representative to the next LYRA Executive Committee meeting, which will be at Youngstown Yacht Club, 1100 Hours Sunday, 14 October 2012.
  • The LYRA Executive Committee currently has more members from the U.S. than from Canada. To correct this imbalance, the hope is to find to a member of a Canadian club, and we would love to have a member from NYC on the Executive to take on the role of Secretary.
In other good news... There has been tremendous progress on the dock wall construction and we can now look forward to our immediate upcoming haul-out, although sadly the end of our sailing season. But again next year we shall have many exciting events to look forward to!