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Commodore's Comments, Winter 2012
March 19th, 2012 @ 12:34 PM EST by admin
Commodore’s Comments Vicki, Elsa, Max and I wish you a very successful safe and joyous year on the water. Recently the membership voted at the AGM to approve a new Vice Commodore of Education. After some intensive deliberation the Nominating Committee  has put forward a candidate and the standing Board members welcome Neil MacMillan to the table. We also are most pleased to have Merilee Wright join us as our new Vice Commodore of Marketing. To start the New Year off with a bang our board has struck a task force that will oversee and control the remediation work on the wall in the western gap. City council recently approved their part in the project, and so with great anticipation we look forward  to finally proceeding with this work. As part of this construction we will no doubt face some inconveniences and I do trust that everyone will be most accommodating. Be certain that I and the rest of the Board shall be reaching out to you all yet again, and without reservation, to participate in the many projects we have on the go that are essential to our thriving community of cruisers and racers  joined as we are in our common love of boating. We have a busy winter lineup of activities at the Club this winter and I encourage all of you to come down and enjoy the winter months with your fellow sailors. Keep dreaming, loving and laughing!   Harbour Wall Update – North Pier Task Force Pamela Robertson, our Vice Commodore - Finance has formed, and will chair, a steering committee to closely manage the financial and logistic execution of our multi party agreement with regards to the repair of the harbour wall and the resulting restoration of our full property. The committee, called the North Pier Task Force, in addition to Pamela, consists of Denys Jones (VC Marine), John Waddell (VC Land), Walter Kowalchuk (General Manager) and John McNeil. Initial work has been completed in securing an additional engineering survey, necessary permits and defining the scope of work for the project for contract purposes. The Task Force will provide updates through the Club newsletter and the occasional Information Night this spring. Boat show I did make it to the boat show this year and enjoyed drifting around for a few hours  among the vendors and their new products with Brian McKay . Our booth was, as always, most inviting and it is certainly a great way to promote our club forward. I want to thank all of our volunteers that spend their valuable time introducing the NYC to prospective new members. Burgee inventory As you might have noticed, the entire burgee track is now installed thanks to David Weston and many willing volunteers. Patricia Chinell is busy completing the entries into the burgee database. She will also reorganize the location of the burgees and group them by their location and do some ironing where required. The database will available upstairs at the bar and should give everyone some answers to questions that will inevitably arise here and there. Global warming? Looks like we may be blessed with a mild winter that will be easy on our docks. We have had a relatively minor incident at the east end of the nested docks which had Walter and I out there on a rather blustery day. We waited until the basin calmed somewhat so that we could temporarily lash an escaping section to the group. Soderholm’s team was quick to respond, replaced the missing pin and fortunately the damage was minimal. Sailor’s nights The committee under the direction of Ann Mitchell has planned a season of interesting presentations each Wednesday night, I am sure everyone is looking forward to seeing one another. Henry