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Commodore's Cruise to ABYC
September 24th, 2013 @ 10:22 AM EST by admin
The day dawned bright and clear with no clouds in the sky – a perfect day for the Commodore’s Cruise. Well, almost perfect. There was a clear lack of wind. As always, the participants were positive, enthusiastic and confident that the wind would fill in by race time. The wind did come up but not to the extent that was desired so many participants struggled their way from the start line at the Dufferin Buoy to somewhere near Gibraltar for an extended period of time of sailing at 2 knots or less of boat speed. With a party in the offing the decision was made to get a mechanical assist. Engines were started so the beginning of the party would not be missed!! And the Winner is... Commodore Jones, sailing s/v Carpe Ventus and George Pettyan, sailing s/v Gaoh both persevered and sailed to the finish line. Ultimately the Commodore and his crew were successful and crossed the line ahead of the competition. We were to learn later, during the presentation of the flags that s/v Gaoh “slowed down” so that the Commodore would have the honour of winning his race. Congratulations are in order to both Denys and George for their perseverance and ensuring that there was a race! Also at the awards ceremony, David George, guiding m/v Somersault, I was awarded an “Honourary” third place (Blue Flag) for being the power boater with a “special” attitude towards the race aspect of the Commodore’s Cruise. Commodores Cruise 2013 participants at ABYCA Delightful Reception and Dinner at ABYC In spite of the slow race the Commodore managed to arrive in time for the Reception that he and the lovely Commodorable Anne were hosting. The bar was made ready and the table was filled with exotic and delicious appetizers supplied by Cruise participants. Background music was in the Caribbean tone and was a delightful addition to the event. The Commodore was enticed to join with the band and provide the members with a rendition of yodeling much to the embarrassment of one particular crew member who shall remain nameless. Being the entertainer that he is, no one was surprised when Denys did a very good job at yodeling. An addition to the event this year was a surprise 'prize' table where all the prizes were wrapped in white paper, and some even tied with short lengths of braided line. The gifts were courtesy of the Commodore, who drew boat names from amongst all the boats that were in attendance – including boats that arrived by car or Toronto’s 'Better Way'. Everyone left with a prize. After the appetizer table was devoured, it was time for dinner and some retired to the ABYC dining room for dinner and others went back to their boats. The reception appeared to have taken its toll on some as they did not make it back for dessert. The desserts that appeared after dinner were provided by Anne, Denys and Gabrielle, much of the baking was created by Gabrielle the Commodores daughter, a huge thank you to Gabrielle and Anne. The party continued until well past 'Cruisers’ Midnight'. The Return Trip Sunday morning another wonderful day arrived and some members headed to ABYC’s dining room for breakfast, while others were a bit slow to get started. Some boats left after breakfast and others made it a day and did not depart until later in the afternoon. Everyone arrived back at NYC on their own schedule after another wonderful Commodore’s Cruise. Thank You to ABYC Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club was a wonderful host for the Commodore’s Cruise as they made all members very welcome and did a great job of getting all of National’s boats docked and secure. We extend to the ABYC Commodore, members and staff, our heartfelt thanks for their contribution to a successful 2013 Commodore’s Cruise.