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Did you know? Tidbits on NYC by-laws, policies and rules
July 23rd, 2012 @ 04:00 PM EST by admin
by Walter Kowalchuk House Rule A.2.7 Food consumption is not permitted unless part of the regular food service offered by the Club, except on a member's boat and in designated areas. This House Rule always covers the National Yacht Club Dining Room, upper deck and Chart Room.  Generally, the lower deck on the north side of the clubhouse (off of the Chart Room) is a designated area where members can enjoy their own food items.  However, when there is a private function in the Dining Room and the Chart Room and lower deck are being used for regular dining services to members and guests, consumption of one’s own food is not permitted on the lower deck.   House Rule A.3.4. Members and visitors are not permitted to wear hats or caps in the bar or dining area's except where headwear is worn for religious or medical purposes and that theme or ceremonial headwear may be permitted at a particular theme function or ceremony. Please Note:  This rule applies to all members and guests regardless of age or gender.  

Flags and Flagpoles

There are many rules, firm protocols, long standing traditions and expected etiquette when it comes to the flying of flags and the use of flagpoles.  If you go to the Government of Canada’s website, you will find a lot of reading on the subject.  Of particular importance is to always ensure “Dignity of the Flag”. The flagpoles at all yacht clubs carry those same rules and expectations.  You will also notice that each Club flies its own club burgee (flag) at the top of their own flagpole along with national, provincial and other flags.  It is expected that all members of a yacht club community ensure that those rules and expectations around flags and flagpoles are met. Using the National Yacht Club flagpole as a piece of equipment to dry one’s wet sails, as a fixture to lock one’s bicycle to, or for any other reason other than a flagpole does ensure the “Dignity of the Flag”.