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Dinghy Dock Replacement Project Completed
August 27th, 2013 @ 05:18 PM EST by admin
Your Mooring Committee is pleased to announce the successful completion of another project. Several weeks ago the second batch of new dock sections and components were delivered and installed and completes the new layout. It has had much use by the Sailing School as well as Dry Sailors.
Craig Lahmer, Mooring Committee Chair, completing the stair installation

Craig Lahmer, Mooring Committee Chair, completing the stair installation

As these dock sections are much more stable than the old Black Dock sections we were able to use the same anchor systems that were previously installed. We did complete a dive to inspect the chains and anchors. It was during this inspection process that we discovered an unused chain. This has now been brought up to the surface and used to attach and complete a 5th anchor point. With the lower water levels now apparent the new stair system was installed, completing the last stage of the project. These stairs will self-adjust as the water levels change. Come Haulout, they can be easily removed over the winter. We do have a new wall anchoring unit that will be installed after the water levels drop even further. This system will allow the docks to float freely when the water levels change. In the past, the mooring lines needed to be closely monitored to ensure that the entire dock section didn’t get hung up as the water dropped! If you haven’t seen them, take a walk over past the White Crane and have a look! by Don Weston, VC Marine Operation