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Dinghy Ramp and Slips
March 27th, 2014 @ 03:53 PM EST by admin
Old Dinghy Ramp

Old Dinghy Ramp

New Dinghy Ramp

The new ramp is well on the way to being here! Along with Craig Lahmer, Chair of the Mooring Committee and myself, we made a visit to the supplier today and finalized several design points for the ramp, its mounting bracket and legs. It will be delivered early in April and the final assembly will be done on site.I it will be lifted into its place for the first time during launch. The ramp will actually sit on the basin bottom on extra heavy duty leg structures and be linked to the wall with special mounting brackets. Prior to launch we will be completing several dives to position and prepare base points for the legs to stand on.

Slip Assignment Process:

Last year a change was made to the process of assigning slips to members. The assignment of a slip is one of the most important steps for a new member and so the process has been moved under the Board, specifically to the Vice Commodore Marine Operations, along with the General Manager and the Member Services Manager of the NYC. For a new member, we try to match the boat to be best available slip. For current members we accept requests for a change of location and attempt to accommodate any such request. We do have some options each year as members leave or purchase different boats.

If you would like to change the location of your boat, please submit a request, in writing, to the NYC Office. This establishes your request in priority sequence. You will be notified of the decision of the Committee.

Don Weston, VC Marine Operations