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Dock Committee Report
April 28th, 2015 @ 09:04 PM EST by Newsletter Author

The boats are back in the water after a cold winter, and everyone is swarming the Club to get boats set up for sailing.

As we tie up our boats, please remember to ensure that dock lines are in good condition and chains are used at the square bollards to prevent chafing. Boats must be moored such that no part of the boat protrudes over the dock, and personal property must not be stored on the docks. Hoses, dock lines and power chords must be stored so that they do not create a trip hazard.  Click to download the NYC Berthing Guidelines.

Please note that the docks have incurred extensive damage over the winter due to the severe ice conditions and our contractors have been busy making repairs.

Your Dock Committee has been busy too, but as I write this, the western section of the “A” dock has not been moved back from its winter storage location. Since much of our work cannot proceed until that operation is completed, all of our spring work may not be completed in time for launch. All of the safety equipment will be in place, but we may not have the water turned on to all sections of the docks.

We make every effort to maintain the docks in prime condition. However, if you see something that needs our attention, or if you have a suggestion concerning the docks, please contact me by e-mail.

Incidentally, participating in the dock committee is a great way to fulfill you Club hours obligations. We are responsible for winterizing the docks after haulout and preparing them for summer use before launch, plus day to day maintenance during the summer. If you can work with hand tools and enjoy getting things done with like-minded souls, please join us.

Ed Konzelman, Chair, Dock Committee