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Dock Refurbishing Program
July 28th, 2011 @ 04:49 PM EST by admin
We are pleased to advise that the dock refurbishing program is well under way with the first priority area being the 200 series docks or “D” dock. The combination of high water and the storm just before launch rendered the hinged bridge inoperable. Our hard working volunteer dock crew have, as I am sure you know, repaired the base on at least three occasions, but with no long term success. We do have a solution currently being built by a professional engineering company; the new "ramp" will have a rotating plate on a heavy duty slewing ring and the hinged bridge will then be attached to the ramp. This solution will allow for the hinging movement up and down as well as rotational movement when wind and waves combine to move the docks. Prior to the ramp installation we have refurbished the land based dock as well as the east end of the docks. This provides a very stable base for the new bridge. This spring we restored some damaged chain and further stabilized the docks with additional anchorage as recently as last week.  Due to dramatic changes in water level, once again the docks were moving a great deal; the following day we sent in our underwater contractors to shorten chain and stabilize the docks. It is the intention of the dock committee to continue to monitor the change in dock movement due to water level and we believe this combined with the other work will solve our problem once and for all. We understand some members have been inconvenienced. Please accept our apologies, however please understand that work of this kind can only be done in spring/summer and while we can do some dock resurfacing in the fall we determined that a permanent solution to this bridge area on 200 series docks could not wait. We kindly request your ongoing patience as we know you will be very happy with the results. We have been promised complete installation of the ramp and bridge by Wednesday the 27th. All of this work will be part of the NYC infrastructure refurbishing budget. We are spending close to $18,000 in the 200 series dock area. Many thanks to volunteers Don Williams, Henry Piersig, John Harrison, Jeff Shepherd Guttman, and Leif Soderholm for their valuable input on this project. Once this project is complete, we will address the next area for attention. All this work will fall within a closely managed refurbishing budget. Kind Regards Denys Jones Vice Commodore Marine Operations