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Docks Committee Update
May 27th, 2012 @ 09:58 AM EST by admin


1) Do what you need to do to properly put your boat away and “to bed” after you sail, cruise or socialize on it so that nothing, I mean nothing, will shake, rattle or roll, flap, slap, tap and be a noise nuisance.  The Dock Committee will go onto your boat – and we do not want to – and also do whatever is necessary to quiet your boat and then mark it with a long yellow streamer so you and all your neighbours will know that you forgot, didn’t care enough to or just didn’t know (as if) how to put your boat away properly.  Please don’t ask the Dock Committee to do more than they already are – which a lot is.

2) Think about getting some “snubbers” for you dock lines – easier on your boat and easier on the docks.  And get chains for sure and make sure that you chain shackles are well and truly tight and wired. If you need the NYC rules and procedures and recommended sizes, email me and I will send them to you.

3) Keep your shore power cords, water hoses and whatever else neatly coiled on a cord or line holder (and not just laying on the dock where they are a trip hazard and also look messy), and/or buried in the docks so as to be safe and neat and tidy for your “hood.”  Messy cords will be “put” on your boat and yellow taped by the Dock Committee.  Be safe and be neat please!  If you need help with the construction of a cable or hose “hanger” just ask me – we will even provide the wood and bolts and nails, etc. or help with anything else mentioned here, just ask me.  I’m glad to advise and help and so are the members of the Dock Committee.

4) Use a “Sharpie” to write your name and boat name on all your cords, hoses, fenders, etc. to cut down on missing gear reported to me (and the club management) each and every year.  The best defence is a strong offence and a good offence is a “Sharpie” (or something similar.)

5) Keep an eye on your neighbour’s boat as well as we are a “boating community” and need to look out for one another in one’s absence.  Think “outside your boat.” If you see a stranger on a boat, politely ask him/her “what’s up?”

6) Label your bike if it is in the rack OR it will be “cable-cut” and stored behind the Q-Hut and the NYC will not be responsible for it. (Some bikes have been left to rust in these racks for more than a year taking up needed space and detracting from the overall and functionality of the area!)  Bike labels are available at the NYC office – just ask.

7) Do not stay longer on the seawall (anywhere) than necessary.  You should be there just to load/unload, do some quick repairs, mast or de-mast, pump out, etc., as it is often needed in an emergency, or for visitors, or for someone else to do some of the aforementioned tasks.

8) Floss your teeth at least once a day and brush regularly and check your hose clamps on your stuffing box/PYY dripless system through-hull, check that your bilge pump is fully operational and have a spare on board and change your oil, fuel filter and clean your air cleaner and check your batteries are “topped up” with distilled water and that your charger is working okay (and have a spare) and check that your shaft and coupler are in proper alignment and make sure all your safety gear is up to date and current (as the police are checking and giving out tickets not to mention the obvious safety considerations) and have your PCOC, Inner Harbour Licence, Driver’s Licence, Photocopy of your Insurance and Ownership onboard and “at the ready” so as to be (and appear to be) fully organized and safe and check the chain tensions on you steering system.

9) The number one “boat problem” is always old batteries – they do wear out or if you’ve left them on your boat, likely have frozen a few times and are now barely adequate.  Throw your old batteries out and get new ones!  This is the best insurance that you can buy!  Leave your old batteries by the wooden fence at the far end of the East Yard and they will be collected and properly disposed of.  And don’t forget to put good used boat equipment and gear in the “take me home” display cabinet located on the east side of the main foyer of the clubhouse.  Conversely don’t put anything near that cabinet that you don’t want to lose as someone may think that it is there to be “taken” and will!!!

10) Email me if you notice any repairs needed at, or near you dock OR if it is a quick fix then fix it yourself – we are a self-help club after all and report it to me so that I can check it.

11) Think about joining the Dock Committee and making a tangible and positive difference and earn valuable club hours and “on your time” while you are at/on one of your favourite places – the docks.

12) Send any positive ideas to me regarding dock improvements or safety issues or whatever!

13) Consider joining our Indy Car Race Group for the upcoming Toronto Honda Indy – just email me any questions you may have and your interest and I will “hook” you up.  (And I wish to mention and state categorically that I am not personally receiving anything for organizing this for the members, families and friends of the NYC – I am not receiving free or discounted tickets, swag, or anything at all, for doing this just in case you might think that I am.  I’m just trying to do “my bit” where and when I can for the overall good of the NYC and turn a “noisy” weekend into a “fun” weekend.)

Don Williams – Dock Committee Chair