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Docks: Did you know?
August 16th, 2010 @ 07:05 PM EST by admin

by Don Williams, Dock Committee Chair

Did you know?

  • That you should keep your spring lines taught and your bow and stern lines a little loose and you should use a “snubber” to soften the load on your boat bollards/cleats (and our docks.)
  • That it is okay to add a step to your dock provided you have a health issue or it is a big leap up to your deck? Otherwise the Dock Committee may ask you to remove it, as it may create an unsafe situation for your neighbour or a visiting boat when you leave for a day or two. Adding a “toe-rail” step or using a removable step is the safest and most considerate method.
  • That there is a wading pool only five minutes from the club (I find it very relaxing and refreshing on those really hot days.  Lifeguard included. You may get some strange looks from the toddlers and their moms though, so be warned!
  • That the Dock Committee continues to work hard to keep the docks safe, neat, quiet and operational. Should you see a problem, situation or would like to offer a suggestion, please email me so that we can address this situation or follow up.
  • That your fenders should be an inch or two above the water surface and not tied to your life-lines but rather your toe-rail.
  • That every Thursday, Porter puts on a $4.00 BBQ between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. All are welcome and the ferry ride is free.
  • That there is a member (me) that would be happy to take you for a flight over Toronto from the island airport almost anytime – just split the cost of the plane (room for three) and off we go into the wild blue yonder – email or call to set a time!
  • That you should have chains on your bollards, not just dock lines, as per club rules.
  • Putting some Zep (from Home Depot) or some similar “acid hand” cleaner in your bilge with a healthy load of water and leaving your bilge pump off while you go out for a good “roly-poly” sail is a great way to clean your bilge – just switch your bilge pump back on on the way back in and presto, clean bilge!
  • That YOU should take five minutes and get your hammer and pound the nails down around your dock (or tighten the screws) so that they are flush – they tend to come up after time – moon’s gravity perhaps, who knows!
  • That you can put a request to relocate your boat in to me and you we may be able to move you as boats often need to be moved, or members come and go, starting the domino effect which you could be part of if you wish.
  • That the Dock Committee may go onto your boat to re-secure your halyards or lines if they are a noise nuisance and will mark your boat with yellow streamer tape so all around you will know that you are either forgetful or inconsiderate or simply wish to destroy your mast one slap at a time!
  • That there is a cute little park – Ireland Park – at the base of the grain stacks seven minutes away that offers some interesting sculptures, some solitude for introspection and is also a great place to pick up some free flower bouquets for your sweetie before you head home (often left for the memorial there.)
  • That you should join the Dock Committee and make a positive difference here at The NYC!