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Docks: The Bubblers Worked
March 29th, 2011 @ 07:53 PM EST by admin

from Denys Jones, VC Marine

Every year we store everything away, winterizing as best we can, so that we hopefully have minimum damage from our savage winter storms.

One of the biggest problems we experience in our NYC basin is ice, which can split rocks and bend steel.  When ice accumulates, and is pushed by wind and currents, it applies many many tons of pressure.  This has caused thousands of dollars of damage to our floating dock system.

This fall, we decided to install some electrically-driven propellers in the water.  These “bubblers” have done a very good job of disturbing the water in vulnerable areas of our basin, permitting ice to form.

The dock committee volunteers installed a number of these devices in November and  they have worked, even on the coldest winter days we managed to maintain areas clear of ice, providing room for the heavy ice flows to move without twisting our docks out of shape.

We are pleased with this result, and plan to add some more bubblers next season. We will budget accordingly, and hopefully have enough to cover the complete 200 series dock area along with other sections of our dock system.

A big THANK YOU to the members of the dock committee for installing the bubblers and also
thanks to our GM Walter for his diligent oversight,  along with the occasional cold visit to check out equipment on our docks.