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Docks update
September 26th, 2010 @ 04:00 PM EST by admin

by Don Williams, Dock Committee Chair

A special “thank you” to all the members of the illustrious Dock Committee for volunteering their time, energy, problem-solving ingenuity and hard work this season to help keep our docks safe, looking their best, and quiet.

We accomplished a fair amount this year and will be continuing to improve the overall dock environment next year with further repairs, replacement of aging dock boards, more safety stations, and more anchoring weights to keep the docks from shifting and moving – as they did a bit this year.

Haul-out is fast approaching.  This is a friendly reminder to clear your docking area of all lines, hoses, power cables, etc. before you leave for the season – after you boat is hauled – or you will likely not be able to find them in the spring. Just take all your stuff home or put it into your boat for the winter. We relocate this “stuff” to the east yard – before the docks are “nested” for the winter – and we, the Dock Committee – will in no way be responsible for anything going missing. So, once again, please clear you dock area of all personal belongings. This makes it easier to fully inspect the docks and plan our repair and maintenance strategy and safety station programs for the spring – thank you!

And, as usual, we will have some members change boat sizes in the “off-season” and will have new members and departing members which creates a domino effect for slip assignments.  So, if you wish to relocate to a different slip for next season, please email me, so that we can add your request to the “master plan.” We try not to move anyone unless we have to or see good reasons to do so.

Finally, the Dock Committee is always looking for new recruits, so if you would like to join us, please contact me. You’ll truly make a positive difference around the NYC – and get valuable club hours.

Thank you all for keeping the docks safe, neat and quiet this season – the best one yet, in my opinion.