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Docks update
November 22nd, 2010 @ 10:01 AM EST by admin
from Don Williams, Thanks, in part, to the Dock Committee, the docks are nearly winterized and put away for the winter. Thanks to all those members of the illustrious Dock Committee that helped out here! We have some positive plans in place for next season with some new safety stations and some needed repairs, painting and general maintenance. If you need some club hours and want to truly feel part of the docks and the club and get to meet some real nice folks, then email or call me and I will give you some more details. In the meantime:
  1. If you haven’t cleared your dock area of lines, hoses, etc. then please do so as we will if you don't, and we will not be responsible for what happens to them! Do this right away as we do not want to go out there when the docks get cold and icy, which is soon! Deadline is Saturday, November 27th to have all your stuff off the docks. Check the East Yard dumpster if something's gone AWOL.
  2. Do not use the dock dollies to transport oily, greasy or dirty equipment, anti-freeze, or whatever – use the wheelbarrows.
  3. Ensure that you ladder is locked under your boat cradle and that your transom ladder is left up. If it is down, you will be providing an easy way on for would-be thieves. And once they are on your boat, they can hop to the next boat, and the next boat ...
  4. Check your tarp cover, and ensure it has not come loose and start to flap in the wind, damaging the boat beside yours.
  5. Check your cradle pads: the ground sinks and you may need to shore up a pad or two so your boat is safe and secure.
  6. Email me if you would like to request a new slip location. We will be making some boat moves this winter for various reasons and may be able to accommodate your request.
Thanks and please email me any suggestions, concerns or your request to join the Dock Committee!