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Everyone Deserves Fair Treatment
September 23rd, 2012 @ 10:40 AM EST by admin
Recently, I had the unfortunate job of telling a member that they were no longer welcome in the restaurant until they had apologized for their behavior to the staff. The Club has (IMHO) the best staff we have ever had operating the Food & Beverage operation at the Club. They are punctual, honest & courteous. Despite this, some of our members are not respecting these hard working individuals. One of the most difficult parts of their job is enforcing our rules and they didn’t sign up to be cops. If they serve food or drinks, they expect you to pay for it.  If you bring food or beverages into the restaurant, they are supposed ask you to leave and they will deny you service. If they don’t, they face discipline. If your food is unsatisfactory or your service is slow or whatever issue you have, nothing gives you the right to swear at or threaten our staff. If you have a problem with any of the staff you can vent your fury in a comment card and if that’s not satisfactory let me know, or communicate with the Commodore. We treat every incident very seriously, while it’s your Club, it’s their job & they are very responsible. Everybody has bad days and everyone may not have the very best experience. As members, we have responsibilities to one another and especially to the Staff.  John Waddell – VC House