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Fall CORK with the NYC's 420 fleet
October 27th, 2010 @ 09:14 PM EST by admin
By David Foscarini Pictures by Colleen Gravelle They are at it again, Alanna & Alison (Ace), one of NYC’s favourite 29er sailors, re-joined forces to compete at Fall CORK. With Alanna attending Royal Military College in Kingston and her military responsibilities, she has only sailed a couple of university regattas this past year. Coming off of her 15-week basic officer training course, she jumped at the opportunity to sail once more with her cousin at Fall Cork. Janice & I volunteered to be boat loader, driver, support boat, and snack-ologists. I met Ace at NYC Friday afternoon, 24 September, and we set about loading the boat. We picked up Janice and Paula and off we drove to Kingston. Paula was going to coach the NYC Race team. Along with Alanna & Ace, NYC was well represented at Fall CORK this year with four 420’s. We arrived in Kingston and met Alanna at Portsmouth. It was late and raining, so no one wanted to put the boat together. An early morning meeting at Portsmouth was arranged. That early morning took a bit of coordinating, since Paula also wanted to be at Portsmouth early to supervise the NYC 420 sailors but Janice and I wanted to sleep in. Well the multiple hats I was wearing this weekend included car driver so I got up with Paula, picked up Alanna at RMC, picked up Ace from the Boyds, and we were off to Portsmouth. The 29er was put together, Janice was picked up from the hotel and our chase boat, FP, was launched. It was windy and late September so sailors were suited up in a lot of gear. We loaded up FP with extra clothes, snacks, and water. It was a great day on the water with the wind in the 13- to 19-knot range. Alanna and Ace had a tremendous amout of fun. With 3 races run, the standouts of the day in 1st place were the father-daughter team of Jeff and Rachael Boyd. People may remember Jeff from Laser sailing and as the author of a couple of books about Canada’s and America’s Cup sailing. In 2nd place was the current 29er Canadian Youth Champs from Burlington. Alanna and Ace were sitting 3rd. We had dinner and dropped people off at their bunks and called it a day. On Sunday morning, I left Portsmouth before Ace got her lifey and trap harness out of the car. After some frantic phone calls they left the dock with a borrowed lifey. Good thing it was light air so the trap harness wasn’t immediately needed. I loaded up FP and sped out to the course. The wind was light so racing hadn’t started. I delivered the trap harness and made a lifey switch between Ace and Paula so that everyone had the equipment they were comfortable with. It was a very light day on the water with wind of 4 to 6 knots, with the last race experiencing a 160⁰ wind shift. The light air really shuffled the fleet, with 2nd place jumping to 1st and the 4th place jumping to 3rd. After about 13 months of not sailing together, they scored a 4th out of 21 boats over all. Alanna was due back at school for a parade practice, so I jumped into the boat with Ace and Janice drove Alanna to RMC. It seemed fitting: the Navy is her element, thus she arrived for her parade practice by water. We packed up the 29er and FP while Paula supervised/cajoled the NYC team to pack up the 420’sm and we all left Kingston for another year.