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From the Bridge – August 2015
July 27th, 2015 @ 05:13 PM EST by Newsletter Author
By the end of June and into July, you probably noticed several different national flags flying from our flagpole. NYC hosted sailing teams from Argentina, Mexico and the United States as they used our club as a base for their pre PanAm training and preparation. There was lots of Spanish heard in the dining room, adding an international ambiance and making us feel like we were supporting the Games. It was a great opportunity for sailors from different countries to get together. And here’s a piece of breaking news just in as I write – Congratulations to NYC member Sandy Andrews who won a Silver medal in the J24 class sailing regatta. July was definitNeill MacMillanely all about the PanAm Games. I'm sure many of you attended various Games events. Mary Lou and I saw some amazing badminton in Markham with Canadians performing really well. I’m sure some of you had a chance to get out on the water to see some of the Sailing events. Yes, it was a bit irksome getting to the club on some days during the Games but, overall PanAmania prevailed through to the end of the month, and I think the organizers did a fabulous job. Many thanks and much appreciation go to all NYC members who volunteered many hours to assure the success of the Games sailing regatta. I know some of you spent lots of hours out on the water in some pretty hot weather. And yes, that was Grand National out there on the racecourse serving as Committee Boat for the racing. The Club received a nice note from David Howard, Chair, PanAm Sailing. David wrote: On behalf of myself and Toronto 2015, I wanted to thank the National Yacht Club for its terrific support of the PanAm Sailing Event. We could not have managed such a significant undertaking without the Club’s generous allocation of boats and equipment, not only for the event itself but for the two test events as well. Please thank the Board and Club members for their support. Last year's Drain the Basin Regatta became this year's NYC Regatta & Family Day: Kites, Bites and the Blues. Organizers Zoe Adrian and Scott Blair did an outstanding job of putting together a really fun day on the water. Thanks to all the volunteers who made things happen so smoothly and with a focus on having fun. (I had all kinds of fun attempting to get my Opti going forward during the Opti Challenge – thanks to VC Fleet Sandy Steffen for signing me up for my first sailboat race ever. All I got for my dismal efforts were a DNF and sore knees!) The racers completed a pursuit race ably managed by Kim Chapman. Cruisers (sail and power) cruised through the harbour in search of historic sites and landmarks. They followed clues cleverly written by David George and captured each discovered site with a selfie which in some manner told the story of each of the ten sites we had to find and record. It was a great way to spend an afternoon on the water and learn a little bit about the history of our local waterways. Congrats to Bruce Brown and his crew for winning this first ever scavenger hunt event. Our cruisers were busy in July. As the first planned cruise of the year - late June to Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club - was cancelled due to bad (no, really bad) weather, the first completed cruise of this year took some 20 NYC boats to PCYC for a pleasant weekend with a margarita theme which made the appetizer feast a real ‘parrothead’ event. On a more serious note, I mentioned last month that the term of our land lease with the City of Toronto terminates in 2037. Through some clever math, I figured out that by then I'll be in my early 90's and hopefully no longer on the Board. 🙂 Life seems to speed up as you age, and I know that 22 years will go by very, very quickly. For a club with a history dating back to 1890, we must start thinking about our future and how to assure the ongoing presence of NYC on the Toronto waterfront. The best thing that could happen is that the City simply renews our lease’ and we carry on for another 100 years. The worst is that the City decides it has other plans for the land we currently lease and that we must leave. We need to start this thinking process. In the next few months, I’ll be suggesting several approaches to how we might go about having this conversation with as many members as we can get involved. That’s all for now and I hope to see you around the club. Neill MacMillan, Commodore