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From the crew decks
December 30th, 2012 @ 12:24 AM EST by admin
The NYC AGM 2012 has come and gone, and a fine slate of candidates have been elected or acclaimed to various positions.  Good luck to them all, and my thanks to them for their service to the club. I would like to address a comment made from the microphone at the AGM, implying that crew members are less committed to the NYC, and thus not deserving of represenatation on the Board of the National Yacht Club, suggesting that perhaps they were more interested in hugging a bar. Even a casual glance at the list of people involved in volunteer work at the NYC will reveal a prominent, committed crew membership. The club's newsletter is published predominantly by Crew members; the club's sailing school is managed by a Crew member of 35 years standing; prominent members of the race committee are Crew members; at the very AGM in question, the Marita Trophy "for outstanding contribution to boating at the Club" was awarded to a crew member. Though only in its third year, perhaps one day that trophy will be won by someone who is not a crew member. Though there may be legitimate reasons for limiting crew member representation on the Board – ones I have a hard time coming up with –  lack of commitment to this club's health is not one of them. Stephen van Egmond Crew member