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From the (Frozen) Moorings
March 27th, 2014 @ 04:13 PM EST by admin
IMG_3124We installed a few mooring buoys last season as a test. They were pretty popular.
  • The buoys have a number of advantages over the tires.
  • Round, to discourage the birds;
  • White non marking plastic, which does not mark the boats if bumped;
  • Much more visible, so less of a hazard if mooring at dusk or at night;
  • Sit higher out of the water, so the mooring location identification is easier to see
We left these test buoys out in the basin over the winter as we wanted to see how they held up in the ice. This was definitely a good year for the ice test! Near as we can tell, everything seems to have survived. The view from the balcony looks pretty promising. Therefore we are going to start replacing the tires with the mooring buoys. The plan is to replace thirty of the tires with the new mooring buoys with a swivel under each buoy so there will be fewer problems with tangled pennants. We will start with the moorings that seem most out of place. A very rough survey last fall suggested that a lot of the placement problem is due to extra long mooring chains. Starting there we'll check the chain length, shorten if required, then install the swivel and buoy. If all goes well that should finish the job. There may be some mooring locations that will require the railway wheels to be moved. This is a much bigger job which will require the Blue Barge, a calm day, ands lots of helpers. The Blue Barge is a great crane platform but not not a very maneuverable boat. The best way to position the barge is to run lines to three strong points and warp into the right location. Hopefully we will be able to fix most or all of the locations with chain length problems without need for the BB. We will have to see what we find when pulling up the chains. If there are a lot that need the BB, we may not get all thirty in this year. Stay tuned. Fingers crossed for warm weather. Craig Lahmer, Moorings Committee IMG_3155 IMG_3153 IMG_3127