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From the Moorings – It's Official!!
July 29th, 2014 @ 02:17 PM EST by admin

Storm King – the NYC’s new work boat – was officially named on Friday.

The fire engine red decals were applied by the very careful and well supervised work crew. It was a nice day and we even managed some cleanup work on the Steel Island.

This is the second season for Storm King. We are very pleased at how well she has met our needs. The Club has also received many compliments for her work in two Easter Seals regattas and the Tall Ships Festival.

With Storm King’s help:

  • We are continuing our mooring work over the summer.
  • We will be inspecting chains in the basin, and under the D docks.
  • And no doubt diving for sunglasses, cell phones and other bits lost over the side.

Wave if you see her go by.

Craig Lahmer
Moorings Committee

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