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From the Sailing and Racing School
November 24th, 2013 @ 01:43 PM EST by admin
This time of the year is an opportunity to thank those members who put in so much time for the Sailing & Racing School organizing, towing our coach boats to and from the outfitters, attending meetings, recruiting instructors, management, and generally doing what it takes to run a sailing school. In no particular order we need to thank Ned Kremic, Andy Leeksma, Jason Hearst, Hugh Ritchie, Bill Cook, Luc D’Aaust, Michael Egberts, Alf Jenkins, and especially our own Samantha Glass. In this issue The National Yacht Club acknowledges a debt of thanks to Ron Jenkins who chaired and set  policy for the sailing school for over 12 years. Ron remains on the committee as a pivotal member providing advice and history. Thank you Ron. Our goal next year is to increase recruitment and with Amelia Leeksma, our race coach, and hopefully Keith Hurst and a few other ‘old-salt’ instructors returning, this should stand us very well going forward. Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to the membership and call for volunteers, if you have an interest in helping the school please contact either myself or Samantha Glass at ext 27. Thank you Paul Chandler Sailing and Racing School chair Email: