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Greetings from Asseance, Jan 2014
January 27th, 2014 @ 12:29 PM EST by admin
This year we were delayed in getting started on our usual Christmas note and then we decided to head North from Curacao to the US Virgin islands over the Christmas week departing Curacao on Dec 24th and arriving in Charlotta Amalie, St Thomas on Dec 31st.  Rather than a Christmas letter we have made our annual message into a Year End note which is attached as a PDF file. We trust that you had an good Christmas even if it was a bit short of electricity which happened to many friends and family in Ontario. Fair Winds for a great 2014. The start of 2013 found us still in Curacao, located in the Southern Caribbean and part of the Dutch or Netherlands Antilles - some call them the ABC Islands. We had planned to depart before Christmas but Don had an operation to remove a growth on his leg that started giving him trouble. The result, well we toured the countryside and relaxed and finally headed to Bonaire on Feb 1.We then enjoyed a full 3 months in Bonaire diving and meeting new folks. While we would only do one dive a day, we did about 4 dives each week. All right, we know its tough to be in such a paradise... Download the complete update with photos. Don & Heather s/v Asseance